Ekiti State University

History of the Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1985 in response to the perceived need for “functional engineers” in the country. The Department was created in response to the perceived need for functional engineers in the country towards achieving national goals. Civil engineering is concerned with the planning, design, construction, maintenance and environmental impact of buildings, roads, airports, waterways, railways, bridges, tunnels, docks, offshore structures, dams, water supply, drainage and irrigation system/schemes, and other major works. Civil Engineering Department was established in 1985 along with other Electrical/Electronic Engineering Department and Mechanical Engineering Department that took off as Faculty of Engineering under the leadership of Prof. B.D. Ako, (Dean of Science) between 1985- 1986 who oversaw the then Faculty of Engineering for one year. Afterwards, Prof. V. A Williams took over (1986- 1988) to set up the three Departments then in the Faculty. Department of Computer Engineering was established in 2012 following the merger of erstwhile University of Science and Technology, Ifaki- Ekiti and the University of Education, Ikere-Ekiti with University of Ado Ekiti and the name changed to Ekiti State University

Department Philosophy and Objectives

Philosophy of the Department:

The philosophy of the Department is in conformity with the overall philosophy of the University, in that being basically developmental university. The programme in Civil Engineering is therefore designed to produce Engineers that can meet the challenges in areas of specialisation of Civil Engineering through services in governmental agencies/establishments, the building and construction industry, transportation industry, consulting firms, teaching and research organisations. They must be capable of being abreast of the global changes in technology in the field of Civil Engineering and allied fields by pursuing self employment programmes

Objectives and Mission Statement

The Objectives of the Department as enshrined in her programmes are to:

  1. provide sound academic training coupled with the development of practical skills in the field of Civil Engineering
  2. develop a fundamental and general understanding of Civil Engineering
  3. expose students to science of Engineering
  4. enable the graduates to easily relate to the other engineering disciplines and clearly identify his interference with them
  5. impart in students the ability to investigate, analyse and provide solutions to the problems arising from engineering processes
  6. equip graduates for further studies in any desired specialization
  7. prepare the graduates to work with other colleagues on viable projects, this is to promote effective communication among collaborative engineering graduates and,
  8. prepare the graduates with adequate basic engineering principles that would enable them to cope with the challenges of a developing country such as Nigeria.

Headship of the Department of Civil Engineering since inception

Engr. Dr. S. I. A. Ojo who later became a Professor in 1991 headed the Department in 1988 – 1990 (as a Coordinator), 1990–1991 (as Acting HOD) and 199 –1992 (as the substantive HOD). The saddle of leadership fell on Engr. O. A. Oni as a coordinator in 1992–1993. Dr. J.B Adeyeri was the Acting Head in 1994 – 1996 followed by Engr. J. O. Aribisala (1996-1997), Engr. Dr. E.A. Okunade (1997-1998) as coordinators respectively. Engr. Dr. J.O Aribisala became Acting Head (1998-2000), Engr. Dr. E.A Okunade (Coordinator, 2000-2001 and acting Head, 2001-2002). Engr. A.T Oyediran, Engr. S.O. Fatuase and Engr. J.A Bamisaye were coordinators in 2002-2004, 2004-2006, and 2006-2008 respectively. Engr. Dr. E.A Okunade was reappointed Acting Head in 2008-2010; Engr. Dr. (Mrs.) O.O Akinkurolere (February, 2010–July, 2010) as coordinator; Engr. Prof. J.O Aribisala and Engr. Prof. E.A Okunade became substantive Heads  in 2010-2011 and 2011-2013 respectively.  Engr. Dr. (Mrs.) O. O Akinkurolere was elected (2013) Engr. Dr. O. A Oni (2013-2015); Engr. Dr. O.M Ogundipe (2015-2017); Engr. Dr. O.O Aluko (2017-2019); Engr. Dr. O. L Oke (2019-2021) Engr. Dr. O.P Folorunso (2021-2023) and Engr. Dr. Toyin Omotoso (2023 to Date) in acting capacities.